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The Leaching Field

Guelph Civic Museum, 52 Norfolk St
Thursday 8pm, Saturday 2:30 pm, 9:30 pm

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Faye Field is grieving over the recent loss of her beloved husband, Jerome, and can't seem to move to the next step. So in an effort to help, her best friend, Genice, talks Faye into allowing her to try a sketchy resurrection method she found online to hopefully bring Jerome back temporarily, giving Faye the chance to say a proper goodbye.

But when things go awry, Jerome isn't the one Genice is able to bring back. Instead, Faye's shady, cheap, lying, unfaithful dead ex first husband, Marty Leach, appears! 

Stuck there for three days, Marty takes the awkward opportunity to reunite and possibly reconcile with Faye.. but old habits die hard.

The Leaching Field is an awkward comedy about change, reconciliation, and realizing that sometimes life might move you backwards in order to get you moving forward!

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Content Warning

Death or dying, Swears or curses

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