2022 Festival Performers

A Baby For Andy

Location: Silence


A queer couple has to come to terms with a dark secret between them a few months before the wedding.

CW: death, miscarriage, still birth, divorce, cheating, domestic violence

A Game Of Inches

Location: Guelph Museum

Meet Pamela, independent woman of that ‘certain age’, and join her bumpy quest to get laid, understand this strange alien creature called ‘Man’, and navigate her budding fascination with Baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays. You won’t have to be an expert on sports to enjoy this quirky love letter to baseball fandom and misfits of all stripes.

Mature themes, strong language


Location: Red Brick Café


BANJOKER “Ain’t Theatre!” Ton’s O laffs. Tony Molesworth New Fast-Paced

Comedy Pickin n’ Shtick Banjo Show & Random Acts of Nonsense. Awarded “Funniest Show” Nanaimo Fringe. Tony’s Opened for Howie Mandel, Weird Al, Lenard Cohen & Elvis Costello. An International Club Headliner for 20 years.


16+ Mature humour

Cheap Beer and a Bad Year

Location: Silence

Musical, One Man Show

When you lose it all, don't lose yourself. Cheap Beer and a Bad Year tells the story of the worst year of Adam Bryan's life, and the paths he forged to get to where he's at today. Join him on a musical misadventure in the form of a one man show where he recalls the ups and downs through song and comedy.

Strong language

Dear Jax

Location: Red Brick Café


In 2016, journalist Susan Maclean passed away suddenly after suffering from frontotemporal dementia. After her death, her family discovered boxes upon boxes of letters written by her over the course of her life to a spirit named Jax. Suddenly, her voice was renewed and the wisdom of her spirit guide cast insight into her inner character. At once a reflection on grief, channeling, and the power of writing, this is a life-affirming, hopeful and uplifting soulful show.

Grief, discussions of death, mental illness

Girls' Night Cabin Fever

Location: Guelph Museum

Comedy, Thriller

This slapstick farce follows three childhood best friends who get together to rekindle their friendship at a remote and isolated cabin. When the girls’ weekend does not live up to their expectations, tempers flare between the friends. Soon, the tension turns to what hides in the dark. As the drinks keep flowing and their imaginations run wild, what is truly terrifying is the unknown.

18+ Mature themes and innuendo

Have You Flogged Your Crew Today?

Location: Red Brick Café

Autobiography, comedy, dramedy

Have You Flogged Your Crew Today is a mid-career look back on a quarter-century of my stupid decisions, bone-headed mistakes, and mind-boggling moments of utter incompetence making theatre. From missed cues to exploding props to building an entire set backwards I’ve done it all, usually with an unhealthy side helping of questionable personal choices along the way. But after 25+ years, hundreds of shows, and one global pandemic, I’m done with trying to cover up all of my mistakes. Some of them, it turns out, folks find rather funny.

Strong Language

In My Brother's Eyes

Location: Guelph Museum


A story about what it means to be a family with a physically challenged member. Specifically a tale of two brothers who can never seem to see eye to eye will they be able to finally see each other for who they are or will bitterness and resentment keep them apart.


Location: Red Brick Café


Trauma & Healing is the discovery and showcasing of the second-generation immigrant’s experience in finding our place in Canada. Many of us suffer in silence through mental health issues, shame, guilt, pressures to assimilate and confusion in who we are, always feeling stuck in the middle. This performance is the exploration of our lineage and complicated family history, and through comedy, poetry, storytelling & music, we hold space for healing in expression.

CW: speak on childhood physical abuse, mild swearing & possible flashing lights

MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush

Location: Guelph Museum

Musical, Solo Show, Storytelling

A 12-song / 60-minute musical journey back in time to a world of prospectors, pioneers, bootlegger-bandits, dog-sledders, high-graders and moonshiners. Writer/performer Will Gillespie tells harrowing real-life tales of adventure and perseverance from a unique corner of Canadian history through live musical performance of new, original Folk songs.


One Kid Show

Location: Silence


A girl navigates her reality of being a character in a play while her family and therapist try to figure out how to get through to her on the level that they perceive as normal.

NEW: Cast and crew will hold a Q&A after the performance

Family relationships. Appropriate for all ages.

Paradise On Earth – An Environmental Musical

Location: Silence

Meet the modern-day conscientious family comprised of Mom, Daughter, Step Parent and ‘wannabe Son-In-Law’ Boyfriend as they spend a day in the life in this family dynamic discovering what their beliefs and values are concerning the natural world, the impact we all have on the environment and the choices in front of all of us concerning how we as the human race could live harmoniously with Mother Earth. The humorous short play contains original music and will leave you feeling happy to be alive in these impactful times.

School for High-Excellence Performance in Theatre, Drama, and Art Showcase

Location: Guelph Museum


3 ACTS. 1 GRAND FINALE. The School for High-Excellence-Performance in Theatre, Drama and Art is mounting an UNMISTAKABLY REAL and UNQUESTIONABLY SERIOUS showcase. Guelph’s most promising, precocious, and prestigious young thespians* are pulling out all the stops to impress you at The Guelph School for Theatre and Performing Arts annual 3-act showcase. Improv, theatre, songs, drama, LIFE!  Brand new high-performing theatre acts will be in the spotlight every show. 



Three cohorts will showcase a ten-minute performance, then, we’ll have a headlining set from Guelph Theatre School’s world-renowned longform improv team!

Creative Director, Reginald Glovemore


*The role of young thespians will be played by a cast of 30-somethings.

14+, Sunday performance all ages


Location: Silence

Dark Comedy

In this dark-hued comedy, a lifelong friendship is tested when Frank’s bigotry and stubbornness threatens the dignity and rights of immigrant newcomers, Mo and his sister Lyra, who are trying to survive and prosper in their new suburban home. Despite Ernie’s attempts to smooth things out, Frank can't accept the changes to his world and his routines. The audience will find themselves caught between quick laughter and unsettling introspection. Above all, this play should dispel any illusions that we, the audience, are innocent of the “Frank-style” small-minded and discriminatory thoughts that Frank broadcasts to all.

Up Until Now

Location: Red Brick Café

Standup Comedy

Standup Comedian Jeremiah Ukponrefe presents "Up Until Now", a hilarious tale chronicling his life story chronicling first jobs, city life, and the proper way to use a Barbie Dream House.