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Oh Boy!

Red Brick Café, 8 Douglas Street

Friday 8 pm, Saturday 6:30, Sunday 4 pm

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There are those who fall away, and far away, find a way. And there are those like the boy we see today at 9:30 AM at Colonel Arvin’s Family Style Restaurant and Dance Hall in Ingersoll, Ontario – population 13,693. Here today, here there, here everywhere…

Hamlet at the disco — “Oh Boy” is a coming of age story about the slings and arrows of adolescence, building up to blood on the dance floor.

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Content Warning

Child abuse/pedophilia/incest, Violence, Death or dying, Swears or curses, Murder, The reference to incest is passing -- it is plot relevant, but is only talked about and is not depicted directly on stage. It's also incest in a way that might be upsetting to some, but not considered incest by others.

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