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Hope And Caritas
by Ian Weir

Silence Sounds, 46 Essex Street

Thursday 8 pm, Saturday 2:30 pm, 9:30 pm

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Soap operas. The predecessor to reality television. Who of us didn't enjoy this guilty pleasure? Who of us despised a character so much, we privately fantasized about how they should die?

Enter disgraced, ex soap star, the still beautiful, Carrie Sheridan. Watch as she entertains with her dark humour and dramatically delivered anecdotes. She morphs into different people in her career to recreate conversations, and slowly the lines between reality and fiction become blurred ending in a somewhat surprising turn.

This one woman show is frequently “inappropriate” and leaves no stereotype untouched. “Hope and Caritas" is a commentary on the power of television to perpetuate, persuade, and popularize even the most ridiculous and dangerous ideologies and entities.

WARNING: Mature themes and content. Some language and stereotypical references might offend some audience members.

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Content Warning

Swears or curses, Due to the nature of the topic, some content may be offensive to some audience members.

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