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Applications for the Guelph Fringe Festival will be deemed complete when the following are submitted:

1. This form.

2. A $15 non-refundable etransfer to Be sure to include your production name in the etransfer comment so we know who the money is coming from.


Applications are due before 6pm EST February 1st, 2024.

About the Guelph Fringe Festival:

The 2024 festival takes place on August 8th to 11th.

Fifteen productions will be accepted. They will be chosen by lottery in one or more of the following categories:
a) Local (Led by an artist from Guelph or Wellington County) - 3 productions

b) BIPOC (Led by an artist that identifies as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Colour) - 3 productions
c) Youth (Led by an artist 22 years of age or younger) - 3 productions
d) Touring Companies - 2 productions (What's a touring company?)
e) General - 4 productions

A production will have an opportunity in each lottery they qualify for. If a category doesn't receive enough applicants, those unfilled slots will go into the General category.

Performance times are 45 minutes (minimum) to 60 minutes (maximum). Each production will get three show slots over the four days of the festival.

GFF uses three venues. Each of these has a 12' x 8' performance space, minimal lighting and basic audio. Last year's venue spec document can be found here. One of our venues is accessible (performers and audience). Two other venues are partially accessible (audience only).

Volunteer technicians will be provided at each venue for minimal support (lights on and off). Technicians will be available to assist with running the show at a cost of $60 (covering all three performances), to be paid directly to the technician prior to your two hour load-in and tech slot. Performers are welcome to provide their own technicians if they prefer.

The production fee for performing at the Guelph Fringe Festival is $300 (not including the $15 application fee). If your awesome production is selected in our lottery draw, we will provide you with:
- More information about the festival,
- A list of the information we need from you, and when we need it by
- The deadline date for sending the of the $300 production fee in order to ensure your place.

Patrons will pay $15 to see a performance at the Festival. This is made up of a $12 ticket price, and a $3 processing fee that is used to handle our ticketing charges and other sales related costs. Artists will receive 100% of the ticket prices from their performances. In 2023, the average attendance of a performance was 21.


Artists should be aware of the Guelph Fringe Festival Code of Conduct, and understand that all members of every production company will be held to it. The 2023 Code of Conduct can be found here and we do not anticipate any significant changes for 2024.

Artists/Companies are not permitted to submit more than one application to the Guelph Fringe Festival.


Apply to perform at the 2024
Guelph Fringe Festival

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